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Name Change Survey

Name Change Survey
By Timothy J. Power, CEO

In the past few months we’ve conducted a couple surveys of our members.  One was for a possible name change from DS&O Electric to something else.  The other was an annual survey of our membership on a variety of issues.  This month, I want to give you an update on the name change survey.  Next month’s newsletter will review the general membership survey results.

As I explained in June, the DS&O Board of Directors (“board”) was deliberating a name change for the cooperative.  To that end, we conducted a survey of our members to get your thoughts on a few possible names.  In total, we had over 400 members respond to the survey and give us their opinions.  Thank you.

The name receiving the most votes (nearly 40%) was First Kansas Electric Cooperative, Inc.  The second choice was Genesis Energy.  And the most recommended write-in name was Central Kansas Electric.  There was also a large number of write-ins that suggested we not change the name (about 32%).

The board held a strategic planning meeting in August and the name change was one of the topics discussed at that time.  The survey results were very valuable in helping the board deliberate the name change issue.  Ultimately, the board decided to forego the name change, as a sizable number of members preferred to keep it as DS&O Electric.

Again, we want to thank all of you who participated in the survey.  The board values your opinions; which leads me to offer this invitation.  We are still looking for members to serve on our member advisory committee.  The committee, which meets two or three times a year, serves as a forum to discuss cooperative issues and a focus group to test new ideas.  If you are interested or want to learn more, please contact Derrick Rutherford of our office.

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