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Interested in Becoming a Director?

Interested in Becoming a Director?


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the board meet?

     The board meets at 7:00 PM at 201 Dakota Drive, Solomon, Kansas on the third Monday of every month.

How long do board meetings last?

     Meetings typically last two hours, but can run shorter or longer, depending on the topics of discussion. Typical prep time is 1-2 hours.

Am I required to dress formally for a board meeting?

     The dress code for board meetings is business casual. Annually, you can take advantage of our $100 allowance for DSO logoed apparel.

How often do I turn in my expenses?

     Expenses are turned in once a month at the board meeting. You will be provided an expense form each month.

Are there educational opportunities or am I on my own?

     There are several educational classes available for new and existing directors.  Many of these classes can be taken in conjunction with statewide meetings.

Am I required to travel in or out of state?

     Yes, travel is required for statewide meetings, but that is only a couple times each year.  Additional travel will be required for directors representing DS&O at national meetings.

In what form are the board documents made available? 

     Directors will receive an iPad allowing them to review the electronic documents that are made available monthly.

How do I communicate with other members of the board?

     DSO shall provide an email address for all current directors.  Directors are encouraged to use this address for all board communications, but my use personal email addresses, if desired.

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